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Our Partners

Global Health Liaisons, Ltd (local NGO) was established in 2017 with the mission to improve services for the Underserved in Uganda. Board members include community representatives and IHP representation. Through micro-finance initiatives that support IHP and local transportation for project initiation, Global Health Liaisons is making a difference in Uganda.

Tuchwemu Project was established in January 2009 with the mission to increase economic growth for the villagers of Kyakabeizi. Through training programs and setting up a SACCO (Savings and Credit Corporation) the members of Kyakabeizi village are able to save and borrow money to develop their own small enterprises and to pay for the Ishaka Health Plan premiums. Through sales of paper beads in the Netherlands and through private donations this small privately run project has achieved many successes and results.

Matré Group Incorporated supports a growing cottage industry In Uganda of refugee women who make paper beaded jewelry. Donors to the non-profit group, pay for health services, mosquito nets, and solar lamps for orphans in Ishaka.