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FGD Participants 2019 Situation Analysis

FGD Participants 2019 Situation Analysis

Presentation and discussion with community leaders

IHP team members

IHP is recognized for Innovation - 2021

CHIPS emerges with COVID Plan - 2020

CHIPS on Hold due to COVID - May 2020

CHIPS Emerges during Training of Trainers - Feb 2020

Global Health Liaisons' consultant Lynda Sagrestano, PhD - Oct 2019 conducted a situation analysis, which led to modification to the HPV awareness campaign strategy.

IHP wins 1st Place in the VSO Nederlands Caroline van der Wal Impact Award 2019

The Ishaka Health Plan won 1st place in award that supports our initiative to raise HPV awareness and eliminate cervical cancer in Bushenyi. In 2020, the IHP team is conducting HPV awareness outreach.

Site visit by Chair of the Board to IHP - 25-28 February 2014

The chairperson of the board, Ingrid van 't Hof, visited IHP from Djibouti, where she now lives. She was able to see how administration is running and meet with different potential clients of IHP. Some community group leaders and some headmasters of schools. She also visited the SACCO in Kyakabeizi village who are also members of IHP.

HPV project timeline interrupted due to COVID-19 pandemic - Mar 2020

Execution of HPV Training of Trainers, IHP Board Chair, Dr. Christina Blanchard-Horan conducted site visit and TOT training session - Feb 2020

HPV Situation Analysis Report - Jan 1, 2020

Won 1st Place in the Caroline van der Wal Impact Award 2019 - May 2019

Office Administrator Volunteer — Jul 15, 2013

IHP Impact Assessment Released — Feb 2, 2013

Matré Group Visit with Chairmen — Jan 30, 2013

Site Visit May 2012 — Jan 29, 2013 9:40:05 AM

Implementing Orphans' Programs — Jan 9, 2013

Site Visit to IHP January 2012 — Feb 21, 2012

Dr. Manuel — Feb 5, 2011

Assessment team — Jan 30, 2011

Healthy Plan" Assessment — Jan 30, 2011

1st Place Winner

Ishaka Health Plan