Our Staff

Manasseh Tumuhibisi, PhD

Dr. Manasseh Tumuhimbisi applies his administrative and management experience as program manager at the Ishaka Health Plan. He manages the day to day activities of the IHP Health Plan and Revolving Fund Loan Program. Dr. Manasseh Tumuhimbisi holds a PhD of Mbarara University of Science and Technology, Master of Arts in Development Studies (UMU, 2004); Master of Business Administration (MBA- Finance & Accounting) and a Bachelor of Commerce Degree (Finance- Hons).

He is a Committee member of the East African Network of Ethics and Governance Professionals (EANEGP) since 2015. At EANEGP, he coordinates research effort and outreach activities in public service related to Ethics and Leadership; and harmonize Ethics training curricular in public educational institutions. Until 2015, Dr. Manasseh was the General Manager of Makerere Centre for applied Ethics (MACAE). While at the helm of MACAE, he was also a committee member for the Knowledge Network on Leadership and Peace Building for East Africa working group (2012– 2015). This initiative is collaboration between MACAE and African Leadership Centre (ALC) - based in Nairobi.

At a national level, Dr. Manasseh has previously worked on several management consultancy assignments and research teams. Dr. Manasseh is currently a lecturer of Management at MUST (Faculty of Management Sciences) since 2005.

Kakunta Daniel has been the Ishaka Health Plan Scheme Manager since plan's inception. His son Manasseh Tumuhimbisi, professor at Mbarara University works closely with him to ensure financial stability and efficient implementation of programs.

Kakunta is a Social Worker and community outreach expert who has been involved in numerous studies. Some research in which he has been involved include a USAID Assessment of Community Based Health Financing Activities in Uganda in 2005. He worked with Matre' Group , in 2002 and 2003 to learn about the malaria treatment seeking behavior of people who have health plans. In 2004, Kakunta worked with Christian Brothers’ University to develop an program that would eventually increase insecticide treated bed-net use and reduce malaria cost. He also worked with Belgium researchers from the Institute of Tropical Medicine to determine the reasons for low enrollment at IHP in 2002. In 2011 he assisted in the Impact Assessment Study performed by Matre Group and Tuchwemu Project (to download under Reports for viewing the full report).

Aturinda Susan has a degree in Accounting. She manages the bookkeeping and is responsible for data entry for the health plan patient treatment details. She keeps the membership current. She has been with IHP since 2012.

Twinamatsiko Emmanuel is the IHP accountant and works part time supervising Susan in book keeping. He has been with IHP since beginning of 2012. He keeps track of income and expenditure.

Anthony Berinde

Anthony Berinde started as IGP Officer in October 2013