Micro-Loan Program for Women

Small loan program

Addressing inequity by increasing availability of small loans to women entrepreneurs, mothers, and small businesses.

Revolving Loan Program

The IHP revolving fund was established in November 2017 by IHP with help from Global Health Liaisons (DBA GHL.Solutions). The community has benefited greatly from the revolving fund. The loan recovery rate is estimated to be above 98%. Because IHP used profits to cover excessive medical bills on the health plan side of the business, the revolving fund has not grown. There is a great need and a waiting list of people interested in borrowing funds through the loan program. If want to know more about this small loan program, write to ishakahealthplan@gmail.com. We can add you to the waiting list or get you with someone who can help you.

Fortunately, A Richer Me, Inc. Jewelry Store a Necklace for Me, is making a difference and helping to build the program to reach more women.

Update: Because the board of directors has determined that management should put back into the program to grow the revolving fund. The split of 80% percent of proceeds will be used for medical bills and 20% will be reinvested in the revolving fund.