Cervical Cancer & HPV Immunization

Cervical Cancer and HPV Immunization awareness campaign

According to recent studies, Cervical cancer is one of the biggest killers of women in Uganda.

The cervical cancer and HPV vaccination awareness campaign in Bushenyi has been a major win for IHP. The project won the Caroline van der Wal Impact Award 2019, which is given to organizations that make an incredible difference with their work towards reducing suffering around the world! This recognition couldn't be more deserved because this organization focused on educating women about preventative measures against such diseases as malaria or aids without forgetting those who are most vulnerable: females between 9-13 years old primarily reside within Uganda's borders - meaning they face three times greater risk than other countries do

IHP provides a information to healthcare workers, community members and schools in the district. IHP is working to change perceptions around the HPV vaccine and the privacy of cervical cancer screening through their new CHIPS program. To learn more about the Cervical Cancer program, write to Prof Manasseh Tumuhimbisi at ishakahealthplan@gmail.com.

Backed by Research, IHP's CHIPS program started in 2019 with a situation analysis, followed by engagement with midwives and health workers in 2020 to determine the message and training for community outreach to raise awareness about cervical cancer and HPV immunization prevention options. The new initiative aims at changing perceptions around HPV vaccination as well privacy issues surrounding cervical cancer screening by providing cervical cancer information and bringing vaccination program to the schools.

As of March 2020, this program is on hold due to the COVID-19 (See Announcements & Events for more.)

Dr. Lynda Sagrestano, a Global Health Liaisons scientist is with the IHP team after a week of Situation Analysis data collection (2019)


Cervical cancer kills, HPV Immunization Prevents it, while it's Safe, convenient and free. Go to the CHIPS page.

CHIPs in Action. The team prepares for engaging the community 2019.