Solar lamp project

Funded through Tuchwemu Foundation, IHP has become a partner of Barefootpower, a supplier of solar systems for rural village households and rural schools. Most communities in Bushenyi District have no power and use kerosine lamps for lighting. The burning of kerosine for lighting contributes to indoor pollution. Indoor pollution causes millions of deaths per year and causes major lung-related health problems. This largely affects women and children. After training in Kampala, IHP began a program to provide solar power, including the installation and repair of systems, in rural communities and schools. Through solar power, families can now enjoy good lighting in their houses and some of the lamps can even charge mobile phones. Much money is saved every month since they don't have to pay for kerosine or phone charging.

Solar systems or lamps are sold by IHP and gets a commission per sold lamp. The profit provides IHP with an extra income stream.